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Emden's construction law

by Emden, A E.

Edition: 9th ed.Publisher: London LexisNexis Butterworths 2002Online Access: Current edition available on LexisLibrary | Superseded edition Availability: Items available for loan: Glasgow - Bothwell Street [KN83.21 U45 EMD] (1), Hong Kong [CON 028] (1), Online [KN83.21 U45 EMD] (1).
Hudson's building and engineering contracts

by Dennys, Nicholas; Clay, Robert.

Edition: 13th ed.Publisher: London Sweet & Maxwell 2015Online Access: Click here to access on Westlaw Availability: Items available for loan: Aberdeen [KN83.2 U45 HUD] (1), Beijing [KN83.2 U45 HUD] (1), Belfast [KN83.2 U45 HUD] (1), Birmingham - Colmore Row [KN83.2 U45 HUD] (1), Doha [KN83.2 U45 HUD] (1), Dubai [KN83.2 U45 HUD] (1), Edinburgh - Princes Exchange [KN83.2 U45 HUD] (1), Glasgow - Bothwell Street [KN83.2 U45 HUD] (1), Hong Kong [CON 025 2015 c.1] (2), Johannesburg [KN83.2 U45 HUD] (1), Leeds [KN83.2 U45 HUD] (1), London - Crown Place [KN83.2 U45 HUD] (3), Manchester [KN83.2 U45 HUD] (1), Online [KN83.2 U45 HUD] (1), Shanghai [KN83.2 U45 HUD] (1), Singapore [KN83.2 U45 HUD] (1), Sydney [KN83.2 U45 HUD] (1).
Keating on construction contracts

by Furst, Stephen; Ramsey, Vivian.

Edition: 10th ed.Publisher: London Sweet & Maxwell 2016Online Access: Available on Westlaw Availability: Items available for loan: Aberdeen [KN83.2 U45 KEA] (1), Beijing [KN83.2 U45 KEA] (1), Belfast [KN83.2 U45 KEA] (1), Birmingham - Colmore Row [KN83.2 U45 KEA] (1), Doha [KN83.2 U45 KEA] (1), Dubai [KN83.2 U45 KEA] (1), Edinburgh - Princes Exchange [KN83.2 U45 KEA] (1), Glasgow - Bothwell Street [KN83.2 U45 KEA] (1), Hong Kong [CON 050 2016 c.1] (2), Johannesburg [KN83.2 U45 KEA] (1), Leeds [KN83.2 U45 KEA] (1), London - Crown Place [KN83.2 U45 KEA] (3), Manchester [KN83.2 U45 KEA] (1), Melbourne [KN83.2 U45 KEA] (1), Online [KN83.2 U45 KEA] (1), Paris [KN83.2 U45 KEA] (1), Shanghai [KN83.2 U45 KEA] (1), Singapore [KN83.2 U45 KEA] (1), Sydney [KN83.2 U45 KEA] (1).
Keating on NEC3

by Thomas, David.

Publisher: London Sweet & Maxwell 2012Availability: Items available for loan: Aberdeen [KN83.22 U46 THO] (1), Beijing [KN83.22 U46 THO] (1), Belfast [KN83.22 U46 THO] (1), Birmingham - Colmore Row [KN83.22 U46 THO] (1), Dubai [KN83.22 U46 THO] (1), Edinburgh - Princes Exchange [KN83.22 U46 THO] (1), Glasgow - Bothwell Street [KN83.22 U46 THO] (1), Hong Kong [KN83.22 U46 THO] (1), Johannesburg [KN83.22 U46 THO] (1), Leeds [KN83.22 U46 THO] (1), London - Crown Place [KN83.22 U46 THO] (2), Manchester [KN83.22 U46 THO] (1), Shanghai [KN83.22 U46 THO] (1), Singapore [KN83.22 U46 THO] (1). On order (2).